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Details on Different Sizes and Shapes

There are different prices and different standards for preparing your mail depending on the size of the mail pieces.

Read more details here: https://pe.usps.com/BusinessMail101?ViewName=SizeAndShape

Updated Self-Mailer Postal Regulations

  1. Final folds on the top will no longer be allowed.
  2. Self-mailers that now only need one tab on the top will need two.
  3. Quarter-fold self-mailers will need to be at least 70# book (=28# bond).
  4. No tabs will be allowed on the bottom.
  5. The final folded panel creates the non-address side of the mail piece by folding from bottom to top, or lead to trail edge

Read more details here: https://postalpro.usps.com/mailing/folded-self-mailer.

New Address Requirements for Automation Flats

The US Postal Service adopted new address placement and formatting requirements for flat-size pieces sent at automation, presorted, or carrier route.

USPS Address Requirements for Automation Flats