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Many marketers find direct mail solutions, especially personalized and targeted campaigns, bring a strong return.

Our full range of mailing services includes: professional metering, shipping, bulk mail handling, and mail preparation as per USPS specifications. Print Tech also handles variable-data mailings, from personalized letters and custom invoices to surveys and polls.

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How Can Direct Mail Marketing Benefit Your Business?

According to a USPS Household Diary Survey 50% of recipients read mailed advertisements versus a less than 3% click-through rate for Internet ads. Direct mail has a 5.7 times higher response rate than digital advertising.

Direct mail marketing campaigns are a strong way to connect with your current customers and to bring in new ones. While some companies rely solely or mostly on digital marketing to get new business, direct mail remains an important part of your marketing strategy. People still love to get mail, especially if it’s something inventive, eye-catching or personalized, so don’t miss out on this great marketing tool.

Expand Your Reach

Whatever your demographic market, it’s possible that some of your targeted customers don’t use social media or go online regularly. Even those who are computer-savvy may not have come across your company online. When you include your website and social media information on a direct mail piece, it allows your target audience to more easily connect with your company.

Offer Deals and Discounts

Marketing campaigns should strive to reach and even broaden a company’s customer base, and direct mail can help you do just that with enticing deals and discounts! Customers and potential customers alike will be delighted to receive a coupon or special offer from your business.

Get Creative!

Creativity is limitless. Imagination is a powerful driving force in successful direct mail campaign. Together, we can be as creative as you want in the development of your campaign. When you send business mail that is interactive, it automatically creates a connection to your business. People love receiving something special in the mail, whether it’s a puzzle they need to put together or a token to be redeemed at your business. You can do a direct mailing in conjunction with a social media campaign for a great return on your investment.

Whether you need printing services, mail merges, variable-data mailings or assistance with physically mailing the documents, we are here to help with your business’s direct marketing needs. We’ve been providing quality custom mailing solutions in Pittsburgh and surrounding Western Pennsylvania for over 50 years, and we strive to deliver quality, responsiveness and value.

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