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Give your postcards, brochures, and other collateral a unique shape and appearance that entice your audience to take a closer look. Choose from our wide selection of stock dies, or craft a custom shape that fits your vision and budget. Rely on Print Tech’s die-cutting expertise to create virtually any shape possible.

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We offer two types of custom die-cutting:

Precision die-cutting—the process of converting rolls or sheets of non-metallic materials into precise custom gaskets or other die-cut parts. The process is well-known for delivering results with accuracy, speed, and uniformity. It’s used widely in industrial applications due to its cost-effectiveness across a broad range of part sizes and quantities.

Steel-rule die-cutting—our operators use a steel tool that neatly punches a shape into flat materials. The process involves three distinct components: a die board, a cutting edge, and a rubber ejector. A laser will generally cut the desired shape into it. The cutting edge is a thin metal blade. It’s bent into the desired shape and then placed on the flat die board. Our operator then overlays it with rubber ejector material.

To operate the die, one of our operators will feed the requisite material in and then stamp the tool using a heavy press. This process makes the material break cleanly along the cutting edge. After that, the rubber ejector does its job, which is to push the part that’s cut out from the steel die.

Steel-rule dies will occasionally have creasing tools, which cut a crease in the design, rather than remove material.

Call the experts at Print Tech for the best in die-cutting services in Pittsburgh and all of Western Pennsylvania! With over fifty years of experience and excellent customer service, we can assure you that your project is in good hands. 412.963.1500

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