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Postcards and Direct Mail

Marketing postcards are an inexpensive and effective way to reach your audience.

These targeted pieces can quickly convey key messages and promotions in a simple, straight-forward manner. Trust the Print Tech experts to create a custom postcard, available in any shape or size, for your business.

We print flyers, letters, postcards, self-mailers, business reply cards, and anything else you may wish to put through the mail. With a wide variety of envelopes stocked at all times, Print Tech is equipped to produce and seal mail of all shapes and sizes. We complete the project by sending the final product to your provided mailing list, or procuring a list using your specifications. Finally, mail pieces are addressed, barcoded, and sorted for maximum postal discounts.

Direct Mail Postcards

If you’re a business owner, then you’re aware of how important effective marketing campaigns are. Although there are many marketing options available these days, direct mail is still one of the best and most cost-effective choices in terms of ROI. Let Print Tech create postcards and other mailpieces for your next direct mail campaign.

More Targeted Marketing

When you send postcards and other types of direct mail, you can easily target your demographics and reach out to the right customers and prospects. Our company provides top quality mail services to a variety of companies in the Pittsburgh, PA area, and we can help you too.

We provide efficient print and mail services of all kinds to get your message out. It’s easy to get started, and you can send your custom file to us online for streamlined service. We have dedicated account representatives who will ensure that each project is printed with the highest standards every time.

Benefits of Direct Mail Campaigns

There are plenty of benefits of using postcards for a direct mail campaign. Our in-house design team can help you use eye-catching designs, making your postcard or mailer more likely to get noticed by the recipient.

It’s also easy to update your designs for future direct mail campaigns. Since the design work is kept on a computer file, changing it to update offers and expiration dates is a snap. And you can fit the size of the printing job to your marketing needs: We offer flexible postcard printing options that allow you to print small or large batches.

Postcards and other mailers are an inexpensive way to reach your audience. Our printing experts can also help you with flyers, business mailers and mass mailings. We make it a point to keep an array of mailing supplies in stock, so we’ll always have what you need. Contact us today to discuss how our postcard mailing services can help your business grow.

Marketing Mailing Services

What Is Direct Mail Exactly?

Direct mail is a type of marketing strategy that involves sending physical letters, postcards or other promotional materials to customers and prospects by mail or delivering in person. It’s one of the oldest and most effective marketing channels available, but it’s often overlooked in favor of more modern methods like email marketing or social media advertising.

Despite the rise of digital marketing, direct mail is still an incredibly powerful tool that lets companies reach a wide audience. In fact, direct mail has a number of advantages over other marketing channels that make it worth considering for your next marketing campaign.

For example, direct mail is:

  • Highly personalized: You can target your mailing list very precisely to ensure that your message is relevant to the recipient.
  • Tangible: Unlike an email or a social media post, direct mail leaves a physical impression that can be touched, felt and even kept for future reference.
  • Memorable: Because direct mail is physical and tangible, it’s more likely to be remembered than a digital message.
  • Cost-effective: Direct mail can be very cost-effective, especially if you take advantage of bulk mailing discounts.

If you’re looking for a way to reach your target audience with a highly personalized, effective and cost-efficient marketing message, direct mail could be the solution.

What Is a Direct Mail Marketing Strategy?

A direct mail marketing strategy is a plan for using direct mail to achieve specific marketing goals. It should take into account the unique advantages of direct mail and how it reaches and impacts your target audience.

Your direct mail strategy will likely include a mix of different mailing lists, offer types and formats to ensure your message is seen by the right people and has the desired effect.

For instance, you might use a direct mail campaign to:

  • Generate new leads: You can use direct mail to reach out to potential customers who haven’t heard of your business before.
  • Nurture existing leads: If you have a list of people who have shown an interest in your product or service, you can use direct mail to stay in touch and build a relationship.
  • Promote a sale or special event: Direct mail is a great way to generate excitement for a new product launch or a special sale.
  • Increase customer loyalty: You can use direct mail to thank your best customers and offer them exclusive deals and discounts.

Direct mail can achieve a variety of marketing goals, so it’s important to consider what you want to accomplish before you begin your campaign. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Drive traffic to your website? Once you know what you want to achieve, you can create a direct mail campaign that’s designed to help you reach your goals.

Why Are Direct Mail Marketing Services Effective?

Using a direct mail marketing service can be an effective investment for your business. This service can provide you with a number of benefits, including:

  • Target your audience more effectively. By targeting your audience based on location, interest and demographic, you can make sure that your message is reaching the right people.
  • Save you time. When you use a service, you don’t have to stuff envelopes or print labels. The service will also likely handle mailing for you as well.
  • Track your results. When you use a service, you can track the number of people who receive your message and the number of people who respond to your message. These metrics are critical for understanding if a campaign is working.
  • Make a good impression. When you use a service, you’re able to create a professional-looking mailer that will make a good impression on your customers. 

How Can Direct Marketing via Mail Help My Business?

When growing your business, it’s important to have a marketing strategy in place that covers all your bases. You never know when a potential customer might come across your business, so it’s important to be prepared with a solid marketing mix you can count on. For many businesses, direct mail is an essential part of this mix.

Since a direct mail marketing strategy is more personal than other forms of marketing these days, the added customer loyalty garnered by direct marketing is a direct benefit to your business. More customers mean more business and more opportunities to upsell, cross-sell and encourage customer referrals.

Direct mail is especially useful for local businesses. Since it can be targeted so specifically, you can use direct mail to reach out to your immediate community in a way that’s difficult with other marketing channels.

For example, let’s say you own a pet store. You could use direct mail to target dog owners within a five-mile radius of your store. You could include coupons, special offers or even a free dog treat with each mailer. This targeted approach is much more likely to result in new customers than a generic postcard campaign or Facebook ad. And you’ll be more memorable, too.

Not sure where to start? We can help.

If you’re looking for an effective way to market your business, a direct mail marketing service may be the right choice for you. A direct mail marketing service can provide you with the benefits that you need to succeed. Contact Print Tech today for more information on our direct mail marketing service.

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