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Newsletters and Bulletins

Your newsletter has a story to tell.

Let the Print Tech team give your publication a life of its own with an eye-catching design and professional layout. We can spruce up your existing newsletter with vivid, full-color imagery, or create a brand new template from scratch.

Local businesses have trusted us to create some of the following examples:

  • Business newsletters
  • Church newsletters
  • Custom newsletters
  • Corporate newsletters
  • School newsletters

Stay in touch! Send postcards in between newsletters to keep your customers and prospects in the loop.

The Benefits of Newsletters

No matter what industry your business happens to be in, marketing is important for your business. A good marketing strategy helps you attract new customers while retaining the ones who are already buying. That’s why newsletters that appeal to both your current customers as well as your prospects are excellent advertising tools.

A print newsletter is designed to not only market your products or services to your target audience, but also to deliver information about topics that are interesting or useful to them. 

If it is well-written and designed, a newsletter can be an excellent marketing tool. You can use it to inform your audience about your latest product or recent developments in your company, but it should also include tips for getting the most out of your products and other info that the customer can use right away. 

There are different types of newsletters that you can use. Two of the most common ones are company newsletters (which are more B2B, or business to business) and consumer newsletters (B2C, or business to consumer). And then there are others that are more focused on groups and organizations, such as church newsletters, school newsletters and internal newsletters to send to your employees, partners and other people who are involved in your business or industry.

What Constitutes a Good Newsletter?

For your newsletter to be effective at marketing, you have to consider all the essential components. Among the most important ones are:

The Audience

Before drafting your newsletter, take the time to understand your audience. Your target market determines the content and tone that you can use for your newsletter, as well as any calls to action you want to include. With our design services, our aim is to ensure the finished product has a polished look and captures the attention of your intended market. 

The Content

What’s new? That depends on what type of newsletter you’re sending. A newsletter can highlight a new product or service, or it can announce an update to an existing product. It can also be an invitation to your company’s event. It could also be an opinion piece on legislation that affects your industry or your customer, tips for better energy efficiency, updates to your service offerings, or just about anything that your target demographic will find useful that’s also somehow related to your business.


Given that a newsletter is an advertisement, it should draw the attention of your customers to your content. If it is not visually appealing, your consumers will probably discard your mailing after a couple of seconds!

We focus on print quality to ensure that your custom newsletters are well-designed, easy to read and eye-catching. We also offer different printing options, including color printing, to meet your specific needs. 

The Sign-Off

A newsletter can move your readers to take a specific action. A successful marketing campaign is one that gets readers to take action, even if it’s just calling or emailing for more information. We can integrate your contact information to make it as easy as possible for your audience to reach out to access your services.

Benefits of Creating and Sending Newsletters

Inexpensive marketing strategy

Compared to other forms of marketing, print newsletters have a high ROI and are a cost-effective way to quickly reach a broad market base.

Keeps your customers engaged

While you might be focusing on attracting new customers, sending newsletters to your current customers is a good way to keep in touch — and keep them loyal. It also lets you inform them of offers on products that they might like.

Expand your market

Sending newsletters is a good way to reach new prospects and attract fresh attention to your products. Print media can quickly change hands within a couple of minutes, so you might attract customers in addition to those you mailed to. 

How Often Should You Send Newsletters?

While sending newsletters is cost-effective, you should be very careful about the number of times you send them. When you send them too often, your audience can easily perceive them as spam and choose to opt out. If you send very few of them, you may end up losing customers to a competitor that is better at staying in touch. As a basic rule, you should send your newsletter no more than twice a week and no less than once a month. 

Need newsletter printing services for your business or organization in Pittsburgh? We can help. Print Tech can help you design and print professional, cost effective but high quality newsletters. For over 50 years, we have dedicated our resources to providing quality printing services to our clients. Contact us to request a quote or place an order.

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