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Binders and Index Tabs

Print Tech can help you assemble and organize your binders for maximum productivity.

We’ll design and print the binder covers, and print, compile, and organize all index tabs. Go one step further by letting us print, collate, and bind all materials as well!

Howard Hannah Training Program Binder

Get Organized in Style with Custom Binders and Custom Index Tabs

Whether you need custom printed binder covers and custom index tabs, or need the materials to go inside the binder printed and collated as well, we can handle the job for you. 

Benefits of Custom Binders for Business

Using custom binders and custom-printed tab dividers for your sales materials makes an excellent first impression on potential clients. You’ll stand out from your competition, and the sales boxes will be easier for your staff to assemble. We make it easy to ensure that your branding as well as the information in the binder are presented in a clear, concise and impressive way.

With the help of binder dividers, custom ring binders help your customers quickly learn what they need to know about your business, such as products or services offered, pricing and other essential business information. When you have the binder customized for a particular prospective client, that’s personalized advertising at its best! Print Tech can handle that for you with ease.

Our custom printing for binders is also ideal for internal use, such as for training purposes. You can design your own training materials and have them printed and collated in our custom binders, and your employees will have a useful reference to turn to long after the training ends.  

Uses and Benefits of Index Tabs

Custom printed tab dividers can be used for school projects, product manuals, training materials, presentation handouts, employee handbooks, insurance policies — you name it, the possibilities are endless. Whatever you use these custom products for, the information will be neatly organized and produced using high quality color printing. For business use, custom binders with customized tab dividers can show off your branding. 

Tab dividers give your binder a clean, organized look and make it easier to use. When planning your custom index tabs, remember to use enough tab dividers so that all the sections are easy to find, but not so many that it causes confusion for the user. Tab titles should be intuitive and easy to read.

Why Choose Print Tech?

We have years of experience in custom printing, and with every printing project, we strive to keep our reputation for customer satisfaction going strong. Let us handle the printing for your custom ring binders, tab dividers and binder contents. We’ll save your employees hours of time that they could have spent on more mission-critical tasks, and you’ll love the finished product! 

Contact us today for a quote on custom binder and index tab printing in Pittsburgh, PA.  

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