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Offset Printing Services

Print Tech is a leading provider of print solutions, including offset printing and digital printing

What is the Difference between Digital Printing and Offset Printing?

In digital printing, images are printed using an inkjet printer or a laser printer. Offset printing uses an offset press in which cylinders transfer ink to the paper. First, we apply the image to metal plates. Then, we use those plates to transfer the image to a “blanket cylinder,” which is covered with a rubber blanket. We use that cylinder to transfer the image to the paper. This printing process is called offset printing because the ink is not applied directly to the paper.

Each of these printing methods is good for different types of printing jobs. Offset printing is an excellent choice for printing large runs with high quality. Our offset printing services are ideal for large runs printing jobs. It is often used to print books, manuals, and postcards.

Advantages of Offset Printing

Better for Large Runs

For large print runs, offset printing is more efficient and cost-effective than digital printing. Once an image is on a printing plate, we can use that printing plate to print that image many times. Since the cost of setting up a plate is the same for a large print run as for a small run, the cost per item printed is lower on print projects with large runs.

Consistent Ink Flow

Consistent ink flow is another good reason to use offset printing, especially on large runs. An offset printing press has controls that enable us to manage the ink flow and keep the ink from running out. That means there is less chance of pieces appearing washed out.

Higher Image Quality

Offset printing provides excellent image quality. Modern offset presses set the benchmark in print quality. Because the ink flow is more consistent, the consistency of image quality is maintained throughout a print project. Intricate and complex images such as professional photographs are reproduced with crisp, clean lines and accurate colors. Because the ink flow is more consistent, the image quality is also more consistent throughout a print project.

Printing on a Variety of Surfaces

Offset printing can be done on a wider variety of paper and substrates than digital printing. It can also be used for printing on common materials including gloss, matte, uncoated, synthetic, and pressure sensitive.

At Print Tech, we offer both digital and offset printing as well as large format printing and a wide variety of other services to Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. We can help you get your message out and strengthen your branding. Contact us today at 412.963.1500 to get started!