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What is  ?

Omni-channel marketing revolves around the concept of crafting a cohesive and integrated experience for your target audience across various channels, including direct mail, email, social media, digital advertising, and more. With Omni Channel Mail, we bring together your physical direct mail piece and leverage the power of seven digital technologies. This combination creates a robust omni-channel experience that amplifies your return on investment by engaging your target audience across multiple channels simultaneously.

How Does it Work?

Your direct mail pieces are sent out to your mailing list, while simultaneously engaging your audience across the web through Omni Channel Mail. This comprehensive approach allows us to track engagement, including website visits, and provides you with a user-friendly custom dashboard to monitor your campaign’s performance in real-time. Omni Channel Mail comprises seven cutting-edge digital technologies specifically designed to deliver optimal results. These technologies include:


Boost conversion rates by maximizing the visibility to your mailing list on social media even before the mail reaches their hands. With the help of SocialMatch technology, we can effectively deliver the same message from your mailing to the Facebook and Instagram accounts of your target audience, priming them with your marketing message in advance. This strategic approach ensures that your audience is already familiar with your message, increasing the likelihood of a positive response and driving higher conversions.

Mail Tracking

Our comprehensive tracking system empowers you with detailed insights on your mailing, right down to the individual piece level. This enables you to stay prepared for the surge of new calls, emails, and online leads by knowing precisely when your mail is being delivered. By having access to the delivery dates, you can strategically coordinate other channels of your multi-channel outreach, such as follow-up emails or call blitzes. This synchronized approach ensures optimal timing and maximizes the impact of your multi-channel communication strategy.

Informed Delivery

Leverage your direct mail campaign to connect with an active user base that boasts email open rates higher than the average! Seamlessly integrate your scheduled mail into the digital realm by digitally previewing and managing it through daily email updates. With Informed Delivery, you gain the ability to view greyscale images of your mailpieces, which are accompanied by full-color, clickable ads. This additional touchpoint provides yet another opportunity to drive individuals to your website or landing page, increasing engagement and amplifying your campaign’s impact.

Call & Text Tracking

Gain precise knowledge of the individuals calling or texting in response to your direct mail campaign. Monitor and record each call that originates from the mailing, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your campaign accurately. Furthermore, take advantage of our automatic text response feature, which promptly replies to anyone who sends a text message to your tracking number. This ensures that every interaction is acknowledged promptly and efficiently, enhancing user satisfaction and enabling seamless communication with your target audience.

Online Follow Up

Online follow-up ads are an invaluable tool and ensure that your message remains in front of your audience by utilizing repetition. Repetition plays a vital role in both effective fundraising and marketing. 80% of sales are typically generated between the 8th and 12th contact, while in the fundraising arena, it often takes between 7 and 12 touches to motivate a donor to support a campaign or organization. By leveraging the Google Display Network, you can strategically target and reach your audience across various online platforms, boosting brand visibility, trust, and ultimately driving conversions.

Social Media Follow-up

Boost conversion rates by integrating your direct mail campaign with Facebook and Instagram. With a combined user base of 3 billion individuals spending an average of 4 hours per day on these platforms, it’s essential to be present where your target audience is engaging on social media. This strategic approach ensures that your audience encounters your campaign while scrolling their social media feeds. Maximize your reach, increase brand exposure, and drive conversions by meeting your potential donors right where they spend a significant amount of their online time.


Now, you have the ability to identify website visitors, who were previously anonymous, who accessed your website as a result of your mailing efforts. LEADMatch empowers you to track and measure the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns with precision. With LEADMatch, you will receive a comprehensive list of individuals who visited your website from your mailing list, along with detailed insights into the actions they took during their visit. This invaluable information allows you to gauge the impact of your direct mail efforts and assess the effectiveness of your campaign strategy.

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