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Revolutionize the Impact of the

“Impact 150” Capital Campaign

Boost Appeal Mailing Response Rates by 23 – 46%

A Seamless and Interconnected Experience for Your Target Audience

The Perfect Marriage between Direct Mail Print and Digital Advertising

What is  ?

Omni-channel marketing revolves around the concept of crafting a cohesive and integrated experience for your target audience across various channels, including direct mail, email, social media, digital advertising, and more.

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Boost conversion rates by maximizing the visibility to your mailing list on social media even before the mail reaches their hands.

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Mail Tracking

Our comprehensive tracking system empowers you with detailed insights on your mailing, right down to the individual piece level.

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Informed Delivery

Leverage your direct mail campaign to connect with an active user base that boasts email open rates higher than the average!

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Call & Text Tracking

Gain precise knowledge of the individuals calling or texting in response to your direct mail campaign.

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Online Follow Up

Online follow-up ads are an invaluable tool and ensure that your message remains in front of your audience by utilizing repetition.

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Social Media Follow-up

Boost conversion rates by integrating your direct mail campaign with Facebook and Instagram.

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Now, you have the ability to identify website visitors, who were previously anonymous, who accessed your website as a result of your mailing efforts.

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