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Large Format Printing Services

Large format printing is an excellent marketing tool to help get your business noticed. Whether it’s on a banner or on the side of a vehicle, it’s hard to miss this kind of advertising.

Large format printing, also known as digital wide format printing, allows you to print up to widths of 96 inches. The wide format printer sprays UV ink onto large, rigid, or roll fed materials.  The process is completed via a computer program, which sprays ink onto large rolls of paper. The ink that’s normally used for large format doesn’t fade and is long-lasting, so it remains eye-catching for a long time.

One of the benefits of large format printing is the ability to attract attention. Vinyl banners are a perfect way to use this kind of marketing technique. Banners encourage people to see your message. They are festive, decorative, and can be used outside of a business or at an event. They’re also easy to read from a distance.

Using large format printing is essential for branding purposes. You want your product to be seen, recognized and acted upon. Your business will benefit from the exposure you get from having your logo printed in large format on a banner, poster, or a multitude of materials for everyone to see.

What Can You Use Large Format Printing For?

There are lots of ways to use wide format printing besides banners. We can print decals, posters, stickers and marketing packages that will gain the attention of customers both new and old.

Need some help with the details of your design? Our staff can assist you with the technical side of your design process to ensure that you’re happy with the results. Large format printing will increase your visibility and create buzz.

Due to the large number of printable substrates, we can even use wide format printing in direct mail campaigns. Since the average person only glances at most pieces of mail before deciding what to do with them, you’ll want to make sure that any business mail that you send out will catch people’s attention. Consider using large format printing to create posters and other unusual direct mail pieces that get noticed and acted on.

Whether you need vinyl banners, posters or other large format printing jobs, contact us today at 412.963.1500 to get started. We serve Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania and are ready to help you with all of your printing needs and more!