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Digital Printing Services

These days, digital printing is the preferred method of creating professional images on paper, banners, signs, brochures and other media. Our cost-effective digital printing services are the ideal solution if you need signage, marketing solutions or variable data printing. We’ve been in the printing service for over 50 years, so we know how to provide value, responsiveness, and quality digital printing to our customers all over Western Pennsylvania.

Benefits of Digital Printing

Prior to the development of digital printing technology, printing presses were used, which involved many steps. It was a lengthy process, and if mistakes were found after the job went to print, it was not easy to fix them. The evolution of 21st-century technology has made printing quality items easy. Digital print jobs can be sent directly from the computer to the digital printer. This is a more efficient, cost-effective process, because it is very easy to make changes to the printing files.

Preparing Files for Digital Printing

If you have detailed work to print, then digital printing is definitely the way to go. Before the digital file is sent to the printer, there are some steps to take to ensure that the highest quality image. The resolution should be set to no less than 300 dpi for the best image quality. Crop marks should be used so that there are no unprinted edges, and the image should be trimmed to stop any excess bleed on the image. The image orientation should be checked for efficiency, so you’re using a minimum amount of paper.

Once you’ve saved the work to the correct format, then the information is ready to be sent to the digital printer.Test prints are a standard that we use to make sure that images are correct before running a printing job.

Flexible Printing Solutions

Our digital print services can help you with high-quality digital prints in color or black and white. Digital printing is a budget-friendly way to create marketing materials, posters, direct mail, reports and anything else that you need to print. With the digital file stored in our system, we can easily make changes to your print job or use it as a template for future print services.

Digital printing makes it easy to do print runs of any quantity and on any size paper. It’s also an efficient and fast way to get the job completed.

Sharper Graphics

The best way to attract customers and to get your message out is to create eye-catching graphics. Digital printing allows for vibrant colors, shading and fine details that will grab people’s attention.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make your business stand out by using our professional digital printing services! We are experienced with all types of print jobs, and we are here to help you with your digital printing. We can help you customize your materials and offer you the best solutions for your budget. Call us today at 412.963.1500 to speak with one of our digital printing experts.