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Seeking Single Integrated Ordering System for Distributed Locations

Midwestern Behavioral Health Firm


As a leader in behavioral health and addiction services, this Midwestern company has grown rapidly in recent years and now has over 450 locations across the country.


The company previously operated a Sharepoint order system for employees to order marketing collateral, but supporting the system was unwieldy and pushed significant manual workload onto the Marketing Team. It began looking for a single online system where all employees could easily and securely purchase over 250 SKUs of marketing materials.


The company partnered with Print Tech to build out and support this new iteration of the print portal. The company had been working with Print Tech on various print jobs, and already had confidence in Print Tech’s ability to deliver quality materials in a quick time frame.

The company’s Digital Manager commented that “Print Tech really got to understand our business. That gave us a lot of confidence that they could develop the portal with our needs in mind.”

The Print Portal is integrated with the firm’s CRM system, enabling variable information like names and locations to be pre-populated on online forms. This reduces errors and improves efficiencies.

In addition, requests from employees for custom print campaigns can now be routed through the portal, ensuring efficiencies and brand consistency.


“We are very happy with how the Print Portal has turned out. Our team has been using it for a few weeks now, and they find the selection and functionality to be much better than our previous Sharepoint system. And the Marketing Team loves the time savings since it automates many manual processes.”

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