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Order Portal Supports Expansion



IntegraCare, which currently operates 10 senior communities across the Mid-Atlantic, has been expanding rapidly in recent years. In the near future it plans to open facilities in Washington, DC and Virginia.


Beth Garrard, Marketing Associate & Electronic Media Manager, manages IntegraCare’s wide set of printed materials. In the early days, IntegraCare would print some materials in-house and outsource others. As IntegraCare expanded, this old process became harder to support. Beth began looking for an electronic solution for her increasingly distributed branches to be able to easily identify and order what they need.


IntegraCare first selected an ordering portal from its current printer but its setup and operation proved frustrating. Some of the delivered collateral proved to be ‘inconsistent.’  After 6 months, Beth recognized the portal was not delivering the benefits she’d hoped.

Beth then worked with Print Tech on setting up an advanced portal. IntegraCare now posts its business cards and stationary, its fliers and handouts, and feedback cards – all customized to the specific location and, if appropriate, personalized for the team member.


Beth says “The Print Tech portal enables us to get the right materials in the hands of my team members more quickly than ever before. Plus, the users can easily see all of the materials that are available and to easily order them.”

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