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Expanding Campaigns with Right Partner

NDX Albensi


NDX Albensi is a full-service dental lab which manufactures crowns, implants, removables and other dental products.


NDX Albensi was looking to begin distributing a premium 20-page publication featuring key products and promotions to dental offices. Its previous printer was having challenges with quality and turnaround times. Plus, the printer would need to outsource a big portion of the job. Consequently, the lab was reluctant to take on this large project.


NDX Albensi began working with Print Tech and immediately saw an opportunity to execute on its larger marketing projects. Print Tech was able to print everything in-house in a fast turnaround and with a high level of quality.

Susan Bitler, NDX Marketing Manager, commented “The Print Tech team asks a lot of questions and regularly comes back with suggestions to make the project better.”


NDX Albensi has now run the campaign two years in a row and plans to continue with this annual mailing in the future. Mrs. Bitler adds, “Print Tech is like a well-oiled machine. We know the brochure will be high quality and on schedule.”

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