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Book Binding Services in Pittsburgh PA

Bookbinding is often a forgotten art in today’s digital marketplace, but producing a tangible product that contains valuable information is a smart investment. As the Google algorithms continue to change, entire websites of important information become buried in more product-oriented sales pages.

Binding your own books or booklets can help reach an audience in person, even as they are inundated with irrelevant or incomplete information that often leads search engine page rankings. At Print Tech, we can turn your marketing material, book project, DIY guide or product narrative into a high-quality bound book that will last well into the future.

Types of Bookbinding Projects

A bookbinding format should consider the length of the material being presented and its overall purpose. There are four major bookbinding formats to choose from:

  • Saddle Stitching: A simple and cost-effective way to bind material between under 64 pages. Best used for catalogs, performance programs and brochures. Pages are stapled in the center.
  • Perfect Binding: The most common binding type, often used for popular books like paperbacks, textbooks and longer manuscripts. Pages are stacked and glued with adhesive and then wrapped with a soft- or hardback cover.
  • Spiral Binding: A cost-efficient binding for workbooks and non-retail books. Pages are stacked and hole-punched, then secured with a plastic spiral or coil.

  • Wire-O Binding: An attractive, professional binding format that is ideal for business presentations, calendars or directories. It’s similar to spiral binding, but often uses a smaller spiral configuration and less durable looped metal wire for securing pages.

Bookbinding Services Through Print Tech

We offer affordable bookbinding services for brochures, manuals, and self-publishing projects, including custom size book printing. The turnaround time will vary based on the size and complexity of the material, as well as the binding format and the batch size you choose. Small orders can often be completed in 1-2 business days. Larger print jobs can take anywhere from 5-20 business days, or longer, and can be picked up in-store or delivered to your personal home or office.

Print File Formats: When submitting a document for printing, our preferred file format is a Portable Document Format (PDF), which is the most common and easily accessible format available. Most modern computers come equipped with a PDF file converter or reader; free PDF print drivers can be found through CNET or Adobe.

Order Limitations: While we generally have no minimum or maximum order size, some binding styles have very specific page count requirements. For example, saddle stitching is typically only used for projects 64-80 pages, depending on the thickness of the paper used, and perfect binding is used for books that have a minimum of 44-56 pages.

Print Tech offers a wide range of bookbinding services to promote a business, product or idea. We offer a quick turnaround and guaranteed satisfaction on every project. Give us a call or request an online quote to find out more!