Why Social Media is Key for University Marketing

Person holding an iPhone with social media apps on the screen

Social media has become a prominent part of the digital sphere over the last several years. Yet, so many companies are still trying to master the platforms in a way that makes sense for their businesses. Give yourself an edge! Ensure your university has all the right tools for using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest with ease. Learn how crucial social media truly is to today’s decision-making processes, then gear up to launch your next digital campaign!

Get Personal

Computer keyboard with Facebook and Messanger buttons next to the S key

Want to talk one-on-one with your students and alumni? Social media is the best space to do so! With applications like Facebook Messenger, your audience can contact you directly. But what makes this venue different than an email or phone call? For one, it’s much less intimidating for young students. Sending a message through their social page simplifies the process, especially for those who may not know the best department to contact. And chances are they’re already logged onto Facebook. Using the platform to its full advantage saves time in a busy college student’s life.

Further, calls and emails tend to feel too formal and scripted to the younger generation. Through social media, your team can deliver a much more personalized response that functions like a conversation rather than a stiff help hotline. Above all else, Messenger provides a fast way to communicate with people - saving time and frustration.

See What Your Audience Has to Say

Phone with Facebook app onscreen sitting next to a laptop

Get an inside look at what others think of your university! Social media makes finding honest feedback easier than any other platform. Search by keywords, phrases, locations or hashtags relevant to your institution, and see what pops up. Filters and algorithms present you with posts and pictures that contain your search parameters. So, if you want to find updates about Point Park University posted in the Pittsburgh area during a certain date range, you can do so! Not only does this give great feedback on your school’s strengths and weaknesses, it also presents another opportunity for connection. Notice a beautiful photo of your campus posted by a student? Leave a comment on the image!  Stumble upon some criticism of one of your campus programs? Privately message the user and ask how you might solve the problem or improve the situation.

Target Effectively

Laptop open to the Facebook login page

When it comes to paid promotions, there’s simply no better way to target the correct audience than through social media ad platforms. Here, you can thoroughly outline who you’d like to see your advertisement – and get real results! Use a combination of interest, behavior, demographic, and lookalike targeting to hit users most interested in what you have to say. This can even work in conjunction with your other campaigns. For example, use lead generation ads to market to people likely to voluntarily fill out a form. Your form may ask questions about their interests, field of study, or address. Then, put this information to good use! Continue the conversation by sending a direct mailer or pamphlet with more information on your university.

Stay Relevant

Person posting a new Instagram picture on their phone app

When marketing to teenagers, understanding what’s trendy is half of the battle.  Don’t lose track of what your audience is up to! The more in-touch with best practices you are, the more likely students will pay attention to what you have to say. Generation Z spends hours of time online, so get familiar with social platforms. After all, one good post can receive hundreds of eyeballs. Take Twitter for example. If one user retweets your update, it gets shared with his or her entire timeline. From there, someone else may retweet. The chain continues, and suddenly, you’ve reached students you didn’t even think about targeting. Grow your influence with smart content that’ll stop viewers from scrolling onto the next page.

Make social media part of your next marketing campaign! Get in touch with your audience faster and more efficiently when you make an effort to master these online platforms. For expert advice and tips on how to integrate your current marketing into the digital sphere, contact our team today!