Show and Tell Using Direct Mail

When it comes to marketing, sometimes the paper is mightier than the pen. Make your brand memorable by creating eye-catching, immersive, and interactive direct mail that your customers are sure to love. 


Why choose direct mail to raise brand awareness? On average, consumers receive 88 business emails per day, and this number is projected to reach 96 within the next two years.  Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a family-owned business, it’s become a struggle to cut through the clutter.  Yet, according to a 2015 study, brand recall was 70% higher amongst those who previously received direct mail from that company. 


Print Tech prides itself on its ability to help you stand out from the pack. 

Check out these three services sure to elevate your mailers to the next level.

Textured Paper

Texturized paper is nothing new in the print industry, but it’s often forgotten about due to the digital media takeover.   Beautiful designs that your customers can feel and interact with will make your mailer noteworthy enough to be regarded as art rather than junk.


Are you a car dealership promoting a fall sale?  Give your mailer a glossy shine or a textured layer that will put customers in the driver's seat before they get into the lot. 


Are you a new restaurant opening in the neighborhood business district?  Make your mark by highlighting delicious dishes with photos that jump off the page. No matter the industry, textured mail can illustrate your message in a tangible way digital platforms cannot.

QR Codes

Although the name may sound high-tech, QR simply stands for

Quick Response Code.  Companies can generate a pattern that users scan on their cell phones. The code then directs the user to a specific web page for promotions, product information, or updates. Printing QR codes onto your piece gives customers the opportunity to interact with your brand with the press of a button, all while holding your mindfully crafted project. 

Die Cuts and Inserts

A unique appearance can make your direct mail stand out from junk mail.  Print Tech offers a variety of designs, shapes, and colors to fit the theme of your next event or promotion.  Use a stock or customized die cut pattern to send out creations that show and tell your brand story.


Redefining your company’s image can be as simple as giving your mailing content a fresh new look.  Show off the products and services that you offer with designs that make an impact and drive sales.