Best Practices for Sending Postcards

Colorful postcard and pens laying on a desk

Direct mail can be a polarizing subject among marketers who have differing opinions about its efficacy. Sending postcards often leads to increased brand awareness and an opportunity to connect with new potential customers. However, some believe that most mailings end up in the junk pile, so it’s important to ensure your promotion doesn’t immediately get discarded. Capture attention right off the bat for a higher conversion rate that’s sure to give your business a boost!

Use Eye-Catching Illustrations

Person holding pen to paper, ready to draw an illustration

A standard post card measures around 5.8 x 4.1 inches. Maximize your small amount of space! Illustrate the front of your mailer with an attention-grabbing graphic, heading, and call-to-action. However, it’s just as important to play up your card’s white space as well. An uncluttered design allows your graphics to pop off the page and effectively get the point across. When deciding on your creative, remember to stick to your brand colors. This gives loyal customers the opportunity to identify your company immediately, then engage accordingly.

The back of your postcard hosts the bulk of your information. Include details about your offer, when it expires, and where to redeem, among additional information about your business. But avoid going overboard with copy-heavy content — don’t forget you’ll have to reserve room for your customers’ names and addresses!

Make your Call-to-Action Stand Out

Person holding a megaphone

At the end of the day, if viewers remember one thing about your direct mailer, it ought to be your call to action. Your promotion should jump off the page, so viewers have the chance to read it before the rest of the copy. Make consumers an offer they can’t refuse! This increases the amount of time their eyes linger on your postcard, as they search for more information on your upcoming sale, open house, or coupon. Try large text, bold fonts, bright colors, or eye-catching graphics that draw all attention straight to your promotion.

Know your Audience

Person strategizing how to target their audience by drawing out a chart

Avoid sending postcards to just anyone. Do your research! First and foremost, target loyal customers who’ve already expressed interest in your company. These customers are the most likely to read, remember, and redeem your postcard and its offer. Expand your targeting from there by asking yourself, “What kind of content am I producing, and who’s most likely to care?” For example, imagine your business specializes in retail, and you’re offering a discount on sport shoes. Try mailing your postcard to households who participate in athletics on a regular basis. Sending to consumers with more interest in dance classes than football practice would simply result in a waste of resources.

Supplement with Digital

Four post cards laying on a table

The most successful marketing campaigns hit customers from multiple platforms. No two consumers are alike, and many prefer one type of medium over the others. Don’t miss out on sales from those who check their inboxes more frequently than their mailboxes. Recreate a digital-friendly version of your postcard, and blast it out to your email list! Customers who receive the postcard both online and in person may feel more compelled to act.

Give your direct mail campaign a makeover using best practices that’ll help your brand shine. Ready to send your new and improved postcards out into the world? Contact Print Tech to get the job done! Our mailing and fulfillment services can help get your message in front of the right audience.