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Company History


In May, Bob Weingard, Sr. and Bob Weingard, Jr. started Copy Boy Instant Printing at Gimbels Shopping Center (North Hills Village) on McKnight Road.

Business was progressing nicely and at the end of their first year, they decided to move into a larger location (2200 square feet) directly on McKnight Road.


The Weingards opened a second location in Aspinwall on Freeport Road. The two locations were now very busy and growing fast.


Bob Weingard, Jr. decided to open a third store in Monroeville on Monroeville Boulevard. Each store now had its own manager and Weingard made the rounds between stores on a daily basis.

Phototypesetting was invented and the McKnight Road location did the typesetting for all three locations. Also, this North Hills location had a dark room for developing negatives to burn metal plates. This service was also used by the other two locations.


Copy Boy’s fourth and last location was opened on Forbes Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh.


Bob Weingard, Jr.decided to change the name to Print Tech of Western PA.


Print Tech had fourteen offset presses with four locations and more than 30 employees. They were regularly recognized by the Quick Printing industry as one of the largest companies of its size in the United States and Canada. To continue to grow market share, Print Tech now had four full time outside sales people.

Monroeville location was closed and the business was transferred to the much larger RIDC Industrial Park.


Business continued to flourish and a five color Heidelberg press with coating and perfecting capabilities was added to the impressive lineup of equipment.


The downtown store was closed and that business moved to the North Hills location.

The final piece of the consolidation effort took place with the North Hills store moving to a second building in the RIDC Park. The two buildings were across a parking lot from each other and business continues to grow.


Print Tech was sold to a local businessman, Rod McMahon. Weingard stayed on with a minor consulting position.

The next five years with McMahon at the helm were record sales years for Print Tech. His large investment in people and equipment has bode well for the future of Print Tech.